Salesforce and HP Collaborate to Bring Superpod

6a00e55162fcd58833019affe344ad970cSalesforce.Com and HP have formed an alliance to create a dedicated hosted service called “Superpod”. Superpod will provide customers with HP’s converged hardware to run on the SaaS provider’s infrastructure. HP CEO Meg Whitman is expected to announce the news on stage today at Dreamforce 2013 with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

The superpod converged infrastructure, designed by HP, is what is known in IT as a converged infrastructure. It runs compute, storage and networking all in one box as opposed to running across a distributed infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new product is meant for very large companies that have a great deal of IT infrastructure that requires enterprise integrations and a level of guaranteed compliance by having the SaaS environment all in one box. HP can now package its expensive hardware with the Salesforce SaaS technology, and Salesforce gets a way to move deeper inside large corporations with the promise of a single, dedicated solution.

In a prepared statement, Whitman described a “new style of IT,” which combines HP’s hardware technology with Salesforce cloud services simultaneously. HP is banking on this being an salesforce-logo-635opportunity for them to sell their converged infrastructure to get deeper into the enterprise with what they have called a private cloud service. In this case, HP is bringing the IT to Salesforce, a move that shows how Salesforce is changing to accommodate larger companies by partnering with legacy enterprise providers. Earlier this year, Salesforce signed a deal with Oracle to purchase the software giant’s converged database technology to run its SaaS offerings.

At the crux of this is Salesforce’s new stage of development, which leverages its platform and third-party ecosystem with technology that would normally be found in a corporate data center. For HP, the deal makes it more appealing as companies can access the services Salesforce offers through data-center style, big box machines.

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