Let It Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow…

In the aftermath of No Shave November or Movember whichever you fancy it is a good time to reflect on the purpose of appearing like Paul Bunyan or Mike Ditka for an entire month.  While that purpose for some may have been to look as manly as possible others across the country put their razors away to help raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.

A decade ago thirty Australian men decided to grow mustaches for a cause.  Thus Movember was born.  Originally an idea to have fun while raising awareness for prostate cancer, Movember over the last few years has caught on and now over one million people a year register online publicly supporting this unofficial holiday.

Similarly, in 2009, a group called No Shave November officially began with intent on spreading awareness and raising money for cancer research.  Both groups have encouraged men and women (of course women can participate as well) to put a hold on buying razors or getting waxes and putting that money towards research.

On top of monetary benefits, people everywhere have become more conscious of self-examinations for testicular cancer for men and breast cancer for women.  Testicular cancer can occur in men as early as age 18 up to around 40.  Men should give monthly testicular self-examinations (as often as women give breast self-examinations) which can help find any irregularities that may need to be examined by a professional doctor.

Prostate cancer isn’t typically discovered until after a man turns 50.  It is important for men to get annual prostate exams with their doctor after entering their 40s.  Representatives for both No Shave November and Movember urge men to have conversations with their doctor about prostate checkups and proper methods for giving testicular self-examinations.  These simple measures can save lives.

So whether you are growing that facial hair out to keep warm or to be stylish either way you should be doing so to support these wonderful causes.

from Health, Wellness, and Fitness http://gamaalwilson.net/2013/12/15/let-it-grow-let-it-grow-let-it-grow/

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